There is no better cover band for the Dave Matthews Band than the Big Eyed Phish. Led by Brandon DePaul, this band is the only one who managed to recreate the music line-up and styling of Dave Matthews Band as a tribute.

Dave Matthews Band is also known simply as DMB. This was an American band who came to be in 1991, and known to have taken a top stop on the Billboard charts for 6 times with their debuted albums. They established their dominance in the music world by selling more than 50 million records worldwide in 2010.

The reputation of Dave Matthews Band did not make it easy for others to duplicate it or create something similar. But Big Eyed Phish conquered this challenged and excelled. Now, they are know to be the best in what they do – immortalizing and giving justice to the legacy of the Dave Matthews Band.

Big Eyed Phish Band has basically five members in its team: Brandon DePaul is the lead vocalist and takes care of the guitar; Bryan Dudiak gives life to the keyboards and also function as a back up vocalist; Other two back up vocals were Dan Merkey and Mike Hoeschele who play the saxophone and fiddle, respectively; Chris Brodhecker is the bassist; while Karl Thomas is behind the drums. Together, as a group, they form the most beautiful ensemble.

As a group, they have the blessing of the legends. In fact, Brandon DePaul ensured this as far as doing the meet and greet with the originals and getting their approval. Through hard work and rigorous effort, DePaul even managed to land the name of the group into a Dave Matthews Biography book.

What more is that they never fail their audience and fans in terms of skills in handling their instrument and providing entertainment. They are born natural, just like the band they are making a tribute of.