Products And Other Merchandise

Grab your Big Eyed Phish merchandises now only in this site. Get exclusive deals you’ll never have elsewhere. Plus, get a chance to have exciting giveaways and fan signs from your idols.

From time to time, we manage to snag some limited edition paraphernalia not only from your favorite Big Eyes Phish band, but the Dave Matthews Band as well. We conduct an auction here for those items which some part of the proceed goes to our recipient foundation that caters to the homeless youth. If you want to take part of this, you can sign up with us, or email us for more info.

For now, check out our amazing deals posted for your enjoyment. Shipping is not included in the prices, and depends on your location. For shipping details, please check out the pricing below.

Tees –

Get your limited edition Big Eyed Phish tees today. They come in all sizes with colors varying from black, white, and gray. These are cotton shirts that are comfortable to wear anytime, and anywhere.

(Exclusive fan sign for every shirt sold.)

Mugs –

How fun is it to drink with your favorite Big Eyed Phish member? We have different designs incorporated in a coffee mug. Enjoy their faces as you drink tea or coffee with these beautiful ceramic mugs made just for you.

We also have mugs with Dave Matthews Band designs as we went in partnership with them for this season’s products. Grab this limited edition cups together with a signed copy of posters personalized with a message from your band members. Grab one now!

Albums –

Want to listen to more Big Eyed Phish music? Now you can with records you can get exclusive at this site. Get your favorite music now right at your doorsteps because shipping around the state is free! (This is for a limited time only.)