The Big Eyed Phish (Dave Matthews Band)

There is no better cover band for the Dave Matthews Band than the Big Eyed Phish. They are the only band that manages to cover the music line-up and chooses to stay in the genre of Dave Matthews Band to pays a tribute to the latter.

Dave Matthews Band, also known simply as DMB, is an American band that kicked the stage in 1991. They are known to successfully dominate the top spot on Billboard charts for several times featuring their debuted albums. They created a name in the music industry by selling more than 50 million records worldwide in just one year which happened in 2010.

The Dave Matthews Band has a reputation to protect that time. And it’s hard for everybody to duplicate them or at least just try something similar to their music. But the Big Eyed Phish tried and to this day, they are the only band that conquered this challenged and excelled. Immortalizing and giving justice to the legacy of the Dave Matthews Band is the reason why they became famous in the entire state of America and in the whole world.

The Big Eyed Phish Band has basically five members in its team. There are the lead vocalist and guitar man under the name of Billy Williams. He is also the founder and the head of the band. William stands as Dave Matthews in the band because his gestures and voice are the same with Matthews. Bryan Dudiak gives life to the keyboards and functions as a backup vocalist as well. The other two respectable members are Dan Merkey and Mike Hoeschele who also function as backup singers. Merkey plays the saxophone while Hoeschele plays the fiddle. Chris Brodhecker is the bassist while Karl Thomas is behind the drums. Thomas created a name in playing drums in different band groups before he joined the Big Eyed Phish. These music geniuses when together, as a group, they form the most beautiful ensemble of David Matthew’s Band.

Lucky for the group, they have been blessed by the legends of DMB. In fact, the leader and the rest of the group of Big Eyed Phish have even met and greeted the originals. Through hard work and rigorous effort, the band managed to dominate the stage for 20 years. And the good news in their two decades in the music industry is that they never fail their audience and fans to be satisfied in their music, skills in handling their instrument and providing entertainment to the crowd. Just like the David Matthews Band, they are born naturally in playing music.

Before the group ended up with their career, they tend to play and practiced a lot in the garage. Do you think they made noises in the neighborhood? No, I don’t think so! Their garage was soundproof and being calculated and certified as energy efficient by Home Energy Audit Tempe.

Where do you think the Big Eyed Phish is now? What is their life after their careerAre there any bands who will replace them? Are they good as the Big Eyed Phish? Can we see them again? These are some of the questions that audiences and fans asked.