Welcome to the official site of Big Eyed Phish!

We thank you for your continuous support and patronage. Check out our scheduled gig near your place, and come jam with us!

We are a band who came together to pay tribute to one of the best bands that came to be – the Dave Matthews Band. We bring forth only the best cover music to you.

Currently, we have been working on our latest album. Please expect the release by mid of April. We are recording straight from our contemporary garage in Kansas City.

We decided to make it our permanent headquarters. As proof, just last week, we had it renovated together with the installation of our new garage door in Tucson. Visit us there, and let’s share good music together!


Big Eyed Phish is basically a band that pays tribute to the Dave Matthews Band. Get to know the official members of the group through this site.

  • Billy Williams

He is known to be the founder of this band Big Eyed Phish. He was the one who religiously created everything from scratch and hunted the members that would soon be renowned for their talents and skills in providing entertainment. He is also plays the guitar and the lead vocals of the group.

Williams studied it all from the voice, up to the gestures and acts that make him the Dave Matthews of the group. Prior to Big Eyed Phish, Williams played for several bands including the Trillion Willions, The Confession, and Naked LMNOP.

  • Karl Thomas

Karl Thomas is the genius of the drums in Big Eyed Phish. He taught himself at 14, back when video tutorials and YouTube was not even in existence yet. He had his mind set to be a professional drummer someday, and to say that he achieved it with flying colors is an understatement. He made his name by playing with bands like Tinted Image w/ Zahiyah, Let’s Meet Charlie, and Soul Purpose, among others.

  • Brian Dudiak

Brian Dudiak was playing the piano almost all his life. He was started at the age of 5, and since then had taken the liking of the particular instrument. He tried guitar shortly, yet that did not appeal to him, thus, the choice to go back. He was playing for a band as early as high school and thought to pursue it together with his work as a computer programmer. Brian also enjoys outdoor sports together with his inclination to music.

  • Dan Merkey

Dan is a good musician who plays the saxophone in the band Big Eyed Phish. Aside from this favored instrument, he was skilled in playing other instruments too like the clarinet. He has a degree in music and never failed to use tis to his advantage when performing with the band.

  • Mike Hoeschele

Mike’s music was greatly influenced by his idol Boyd Tinsley, Joe Henderson, and Cannonball Adderly. He was a great player of fiddle, but his talents extend to playing other instruments such as the violin, mandolin, and the blue harp. On his free time, you’ll hear him play jazz alone or with his favorite people.

  • Chris Brodhecker

Brodhecker is a bassist from New Jersey. As a teenager, he already played with his favorite instruments as a member of the bands MROTA, and Phone Number. As a part of the Big Eyed Phish, he uses Lakland 55-02 to produce his own distinct music that blends perfectly to that of his bandmates. Aside from being a musician, Chris practice his skills as a player of Ultimate Frisbee.

All of them share the common interest of loving anything and everything that has to do with the Dave Matthews Band. Check out their music by attending their regular sessions at the venues near you.